Monday, January 25, 2010


1. Puking air since balik rumah trus ngadap medical negligence ~ since reject myself from taking medic, ok la kan blaja medical law... at least it is not true blood...hehe

2. n moots notes pon tertinggal...habis suma submission kat sana~ so new ovarian cyst research have to be wonder im puking for damn air!

3. n left my icl kat hostel! matila aku nota yg nak kena submit tak sempat siap~ tapi ada dhue kompem lepas ngelat...hehe...

4. lose 4 kgS bersamaan 9 lbs gitoh... ~ moot's curse as well?...hehe...jadi harus tabah.! aim lg 10 kgS....bersamaan 21 lbs...heheh

1 comment:

ain farahain said...

tension leh lose weight heh?

holiday weh